Who is Effective Measure?

Effective Measure is the leading and most trusted audience measurement company in the Middle East and South Africa. We provide the best audience data and insights on these regions, collected from our partnerships with local publishers.

What our company stands for

We exist to support local publishing in emerging markets. We believe local context matters to both publishers and advertisers, and we build platforms to support this.

Our products

Effective Measure dashboard

The dashboard is available to advertisers, brands and publishers. It provides a consistent and reliable platform to access website metrics and audience data for websites by region, country, category and more.

Advertisers and brands use the platform to plan advertising activities for upcoming campaigns, including ranking the websites to reach their audience. For publishers, the dashboard keeps them updated on their own websites and their competitors, as well as promoting their premium audience to advertisers.

emPower data co-operative for publishers

The emPower data co-operative helps publishers monetise their audience data. The co-operative pools together anonymous audience data from local publishers in emerging markets to create valuable audience segments for advertisers.

emPower audience segments for advertisers

emPower audience segments helps advertisers to accurately target their programmatic advertising by using audience data from the emPower data co-operative. Over 500 audience segments are available through selected DSPs and DMPs. View all our segments through our search tool.

For more information about Effective Measure, please contact media@effectivemeasure.com.

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