App Measurement Overview and Benefits

Effective Measure App measurement offers the ability to measure beyond simple download metrics with actual App usage (Session, duration and page view metrics).  This data collected by EM, provides marketers and planners with trusted and accurate data, into an easy interface for insight analysis (the Effective Measure dashboard).

Traffic Collection

Traffic collection is done via an IOS and/or Android App SDK in real time via HTTP to Effective Measure’s collection servers.  No buffering of data is performed by the SDK and a persistent connection to the internet is required for reliable data collection.


Please contact your account manager to receive your unique IOS and Android SDKs and implementation instructions.

App Methodology

Measuring apps is similar to measuring a standard webpage.  Every App screen load is approximated as a Page View, where the load is user generated and most of the screen is updated.  The EM beacon should fire on each page view to ensure accurate app metrics.

The Unique Browsers (UB) metric, is also known as a “Unique Device” within other App analytics packages.  This is essentially the same thing, an Audience Measurement metric to approximate people.


The traffic from the SDK will be reported in the Effective Measure audience planning dashboard.  This data can be viewed by using the keyword “App” in the dashboard search window.

Audience measurement metrics collected are:

  • Unique Browsers (Unique Device)
  • Daily Average UBs
  • Visits
  • Page Views
  • Average Page Duration (APD)
  • Average Visit Duration (AVD)
  • Average Page Views (APV)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is unique device / browser calculated? Do we create a cookie-like ID on the device?

The App code for Android generates an Android_ID that is stored when the device first boots up.  Apples devices use the UUID for mobile devices, which is essentially the unique browser identifier used for the measurement.

Can Effective Measure report demographics for apps?

Demographic profiling for an App is currently not available using the existing browser-based methodology which uses first and third party cookies.  Apps do have cookies however the cookies are different to those used in the browser.  The main barrier to demographics is that Apps don't have the ability to run surveys so demographics profiles therefore can't be linked to Apps.

Is it possible to do de-duplication report (audience report) on apps like we can do for other websites? 

Apps use cookies but they are distinct from browser cookies.  Unique “Apps” can therefore be de-duplicated but a single user who consumes content via the App and the website will be counted twice because the App and web browser, even on the same device, will identified separately.

What is the implementation process?

Support will share a link to download the APP SDK.  The app developers implement the App code and complete QA with EM.  The implementation and data validation process takes 1-2 months and upon completion, the data is set to live in the EM Dashboard.


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