Our data is fuelled by our survey technology, which allows us to thousands of surveys daily across hundreds of websites. 

The Effective Measure survey collects anonymous demographic and psychographic survey responses, which is used to better understand the profile of website visitors.

The respondent's demographic profile is saved as data on a browser cookie, meaning that they can be identified every time they visit a Effective Measure tagged site.

Will surveys appear on my website?

Surveys appear on all websites tagged with the Effective Measure tracking code except for customers on the Enterprise plan, who have the option to turn off surveys.

What does the survey look like on my website?

The Effective Measure survey will appear and hover for a few seconds in the corner of the screen before disappearing. If the user accepts the survey invitation, the survey box will launch over the top of the current website. 

What questions does the survey ask?

The Effective Measure survey asks approximately 10-15 standard demographic questions (determined by the region) to collect information such as age, gender, income and profession. Occasionally additional questions are added to the standard survey assist other research projects.

How many responses to the survey are required?

Effective Measure technology recognises the demographic profile of visitors to the site if they have previously filled in the standard survey, even if they filled it out on a different website. This allows EM to report demographics for the largest sample size possible. It is not necessary for all website visitors to fill in the survey, just a statistically representative group - which is typically 150+ respondents.

How do I preview the Effective Measure surveys?

After implementing the EM JS Tag, add query string: ?_em_force_survey=1 at the end of the URL of the page.

For example: http://abc.com/?_em_force_survey=1.

Pre-requisite: The page you are on must have EM JS Tag, and have been set-up with survey definition in EM backend. For more info contact support@effectivemeasure.com 

Where I can see the demographics of my site and other sites?

Demographics of all tagged sites are viewable in the Effective Measure dashboard by clicking the person-shaped logo to the right of each URL.

What is the survey’s rate or views per unique visitor limit?

The default setting is 5. This means the survey slides up once to every 5th visitor. 

When does the user see the survey?

We only serve the survey once a user has visited at least 2 pages, allowing them to get more engaged in their session. This ensures a higher response rate.

How many times does a user get asked to participate in a survey?

If a user completes a survey, they will not be asked to fill in the survey again for at least another 30 days.

What if you want to opt-out from surveys to be served?

If a user clicks "No Thanks" to the survey, the invite box closes and the survey will not be displayed. They will not be asked again for at least another 30 days. Subject to they use the same browser, and not clear EM cookies.

If the user closes the survey in the middle of running surveys, there is a possibility the user may get invited again in future.

Can I have my own set of custom questions in standard surveys?

Subject to agreement with Effective Measure, clients may be allowed to have up to 5 custom questions of their own choice. These questions run by default after our mastersurveys questions.

Does Effective Measure support all languages in market?

We support all possible popular languages in all our markets on most of the browsers.

Why is the survey not positioned correctly on the site's frame?

Surveys slide up from the bottom right-hand of the frame. However, if you like this to be customised we do have custom variables to fit the needs of survey invitation slider to pop from other positions such as top-right, top-left, bottom-left etc.

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