If you currently use Google Tag Manager, the Effective Measure measurement tag can be implemented using this system.
The below instructions assume Google Tag manager has already been configured and instrumented on the target website, and that an Effective Measure tracking tag has been supplied. 

For instructions on how to install and configure Google Tag Manager please visit the Google Tag Manager Help Centre.

If an Effective Measure tag is required it can be requested via


Login to and select the container of the site to be tagged with the Effective Measure tracking tag. Once in the container click on "New Tag" or "Add new tag".  

The Effective Measure tag will need to instrumented as custom tag so click the "Custom HTML Tag" button.

Open the Effective Measure tag in a text editor* and copy the text to your computers clipboard and paste into the HTML field as illustrated below:

It's only necessary to copy the 'script' portion of the code, as above, but pasting the whole code block will also work correctly.  After pasting the code click the "Continue" button.

It is very important that the Effective Measure tag fires on all pages so select 'All Pages' as the Fire on option.

This has now been configured and the "Save Tag" button should be clicked and then the "Publish" button.

48 hours after publishing the tag traffic data should begin to appear in the reporting dashboard. To view collected traffic please select 'Last Available Day' as the reporting period.


If any assistance is required with the tagging process support is available from

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