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Assets - My Internal Sites

Understand Your Audiences Better

Assets gives you one clear view of your own publishers / websites / networks / network channels, helping you to understand your audiences better. If your site is hidden from the market it will be marked with an [H]. 


The demographic icon to the right of a website allows you to see the demographics* of a site.

By clicking the 'This and Other Sites' button, you can view the results for all people that have visited a site in the chosen time period, and filled in an Effective Measure demographic survey anywhere online. Clicking 'This Site' will limit the sample to only those who filled out our survey on the selected site.

Site figures in blue indicate that a specific audience segment is indexing higher than the market average.

The sample confidence increases as the sample size increases, look to have a sample size over 150 to gather stable data.

*Other features are subject to subscriptions and location.

Market - View Market Trends

Market allows Publishers/Agencies to view all measured sites.

Category ranking allows you to view sites in a single content category and compare the traffic trends by unique browsers, page views, mobile etc. on your site.

Demographics for each site are viewable by clicking the demographic icon to the right of each site.

Audience Report - find relevent sites for a target audience

Plan your audience

The Audience Report tool allows agencies or publishers to locate the most relevant sites to reach their target audience. Sites can be ranked by highest percentage of target audience, or largest total of target audience (by UBs or PVs).

Audience Reach - Compare the Unique Audience Between Sites / Sections

Know your reach

Audience Reach allows Publishers to compare the unique audience between two or more tagged sites or sections of tagged sites.

Understand what the overlap of audience is between similar sites, to enable more efficient media sales and campaign planning.

See the overlap in audience between a site’s home page and an inside section page. This allows you to identify inside sections that may have a better environment to advertise, while reaching the same audience.

*Reports can be run for last day, week or month.


Detailed overview of your site

Trending allows Publishers to see the key audience metrics of site/s over a specified period of time.

You can see the trends of a site in column, line charts or in table format.

You can compare tagged Publishers, Websites, Sections, Networks or Network Channels.

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